Book Club Beyond Sunday program
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Read Between the Wines-May2021

Read Between the Wines: “Mary: The Rosary, the Relationship, and Dragons” by Keith Berube

Date: Every Tuesday in May beginning May 4
Time: 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Location: Zoom event (You will receive a confirmation email with event details and a Zoom Meeting link.)
Join us virtually with your favorite glass of wine as we delve into Mary: The Rosary, the Relationship, and Dragons by Keith Berube. You will have an opportunity to share your thoughts and insights with fellow readers as we discuss each chapter of this creative and enlightening book. You may purchase this book from any local bookstore or online vendor.

Book Club Schedule: Please have the following chapters read by the dates listed below.

  • May 4: Foreword-Chapter 3
  • May 11: Chapters 4- 8
  • May 18: Introduction to Part II-Chapter 11
  • May 25: Chapters 12-15

Book Description (Amazon):
Mary: The Rosary, the Relationship, and Dragons reveals intriguing, little-known aspects of the Rosary, gently catapulting the reader into a wondrous world of sweet, ardent, ever burgeoning intimacy with the Princess of Heaven and into victorious battles against dragons. It’s the dream of every heart come true that’s here for the asking: To be a knight, to be a prince or princess, to be the Beloved of the Queen of Heaven. The Rosary is a garden where we sit with Mary, a sword that smites demons, and a lived relationship with the Immaculate and her Son that imbues us with her heavenly scent and renders us a terrifying scourge to the Devil and an ever-more honored child of the King.

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