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Wear it for her

In the first issue of the Miraculous Medal Magazine, dated May 1928, Fr. Skelly wrote about Mary and her month of May. Travel back in time and read his lovely article below, and see why he was called “the Apostle of the Medal.”

WEAR IT FOR HER by Fr. Joseph A. Skelly, CM

Mary’s Day
Mother’s Day
Every Day

Of course, every day in May belongs to Mary! It is her month, and we are her children. During all of May our Immaculate Mother is never very far from our minds, and we may be sure we are never out of her heart. As Spring is re-born again in the land, we cannot help but feel that Nature itself has joined with Holy Church in consecrating this Month to the Mother we so love.

No wonder then that Mary’s Badge1 is to be seen these May days upon the breasts of thousands. That little silver medal with its bit of blue ribbon is being borne proudly as an emblem of service, as a pledge of consecration for all the world to see. The public wearing of the Medal is not confined to any age or condition of life. Schoolboys wear it on the street and in the classroom; you will find it pinned to the uniform of the athlete and the worn jacket of the laborer, as well as upon the coat of the business or professional man or woman. This beautiful custom of wearing the Miraculous Medal publicly has grown in favor year by year.

On May 6 the country at large will observe Mother’s Day. It is a secular feast that has almost a religious significance, for at least no Catholic can think of his own mother without thinking also of Mary the Immaculate Mother of God.

Therefore, let those who consider themselves Mary’s votaries2 publicly wear the Miraculous Medal on Mother’s Day, if on no other day. For what compliment can you pay your own mother greater than that of wearing Mary’s Medal for her sake?

We pray to Mary “Show Thyself A Mother…” She says to each of us “Show Thyself A Child …”

1The Confraternity of the Children of Mary (started in 1835, at the request of our Blessed Mother to St. Catherine Laboure), adopted the Miraculous Medal as its badge, and the members, young girls known as the Children of Mary, wore it attached to a blue ribbon.

2A votary is “a devoted follower, adherent, or advocate of someone or something.”


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