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Keep Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every society, challenging people of faith throughout the world to adapt creatively during a time of confusion and uncertainty. It is a time when we instinctively seek comfort and support from one another. As a Catholic organization, The Miraculous Medal Shrine, offers spiritual support through our prayer request phone line and webpage, daily prayers by our Vincentian priests, and our virtual prayer family-all of us asking our Blessed Mother to intercede for her children.

The Shrine’s flexibility is evidence of something we have always known to be true: The significance of the Shrine itself is in its community of the faithful, who the pray the Novena with us. Throughout this outbreak, we have been encouraged by the prevalence of virtual opportunities for prayer, offering our Novena online and crafting weekly emails with Marian-themed activities for children.

Adapting to these circumstances requires creativity, flexibility, and great trust in God. We urge you to pray to Our Lady and hold tight to your Miraculous Medal for comfort and peace. Clinging to our Blessed Mother will help us reach the other side of this pandemic with hope, and create a better world filled with Mary’s message of love.

Know that the Vincentian Priests and Brothers at The Miraculous Medal Shrine are always with you in prayer.

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