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Messages Fall 2020


Dear Devotees of Mary Immaculate,

May the strength shared with the Blessed Virgin Mary fill your hearts.

I’ll never forget Monday, March 11, 2020.  For weeks, we had been hearing about the virus and the dangers of infection, and accordingly, we began to make changes. We emptied the Shrine’s Holy Water fonts, and no longer offered the relic of St. Catherine Labouré for veneration at Mass nor shared the sign of peace.

That same day, word came that there were so many unknowns surrounding this virus that it was best for everyone’s safety to end the day with the noon Mass and to remain closed for two weeks. Immediately, I began to think of two things.

First, our Monday Novena is a Perpetual Novena, and devotees have prayed it every Monday since December 7, 1930 (see Novena story on page 24). I needed a plan for Monday, March 18, so we could continue this perpetual prayer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. On that day, we switched to online Mass from the Community Chapel of St. Vincent’s Seminary. Using his cell phone, one of our priests livestreamed our devotional services to Marian devotees. We did this every Monday until June 15, when we returned to the Shrine.

Second, I placed a vigil light before the statue of Mary in the Shrine (see article on page 7) invoking her care for all of her children during this pandemic. The light still burns four our faithful and will continue until the pandemic has ended.


Yours in Mary Immaculate,

Fr. Michael Carroll, CM

Director, The Miraculous Medal Shrine

Spiritual Director
Central Association of the Miraculous Medal


Dear Miraculous Medal Family,

As I write this editorial sitting at the dark, wooden desk that once belonged to Fr. Skelly, three things immediately come to my mind. The first is the Miraculous Medal around my neck. That might be obvious for someone who has dedicated herself to continuing Fr. Skelly’s legacy, but especially during the pandemic, I’ve found an even greater peace, comfort, and hope in wearing it and praying to Mary throughout the day. The second is a lovely bronze statue of St. Joan of Arc, which I’ve been told also belonged to Fr Skelly. It sits on the desk as a reminder of his courage in founding CAMM more than 105 years ago. The third is a well-worn, leather-bound personal Bible. It, too, was Fr Skelly’s, and it evokes his relentless faith in our Church and in Mary. These three treasures remind me of why I’m at CAMM. They motivate me to keep pressing forward to spread Our Lady’s message, so that everyone who wears her Medal around their neck will receive great blessings.

Much has changed at CAMM since I first arrived, but its purpose hasn’t. The faithfulness of the staff—who usher everyone to “come to the foot of the altar” for Mary’s graces—hasn’t. Neither has the importance of sharing our Blessed Mother’s message. In fact, it’s more important now than ever before. Armed with prayer, Mary’s promise, and our wonderful supporters—like you—I’m convinced that her message will, indeed, continue spreading throughout the world.

Thank you for your support of Mary and her Holy Mission.


Yours in our Blessed Mother,

Mary Jo Timlin-Hoag

Chief Executive Officer
Central Association of the Miraculous Medal