St. Catherine Labouré comes to life through an improvisational performance.

St. Catherine Labouré responded to a divine calling by entering the community of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in Paris. During the first months of her novitiate, she was favored with a number of apparitions of the Blessed Virgin, who confided to her the mission of having the Miraculous Medal made. Following Our Lady’s instruction, St. Catherine relayed Mary’s request to create the famous Miraculous Medal of Our Lady of Grace worn by millions of people around the world.

Enlivening the history of St. Catherine and the Miraculous Medal

St. Catherine Labouré not only enlivens the history of one of our most beloved Saints of the Miraculous Medal Shrine, but she comes alive in a way that is well received by students (and other  Shrine visitors).

Our unique and engaging program dramatizes St. Catherine’s life story in a way that is relatable to people of all ages, especially younger audiences. The actor brings St. Catherine to life through direct address and improvisational interaction.

Performance details.

Drawing heavily on biographical writings by members of the Vincentian community, this solo performance brings St. Catherine to life through direct address and improvisational interaction.

We can tailor the performance according to the audience, as outreach is also a major goal of this endeavor. When “on tour,” school groups can tailor more educationally minded, dramatic presentations; onsite pilgrimages can feature St. Catherine as a more inspirational, prayerful presence.

Additional offerings include opportunities to combine the story of the Miraculous Medal with a tour of the artwork and statuary at the Shrine, as well as scheduled times where guests can “meet St. Catherine” and have a one-on-one encounter with the actress fully in character.

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The saint who touched the Blessed Mother.

The simplicity of St. Catherine’s life endears her to everyone. She became a saint by doing her commonplace duties well for God. A “Saint of Ordinary People,” she holds the secret of sanctity for us all. Perpetuating her message of devotion to the Blessed Mother through the intercession of the Miraculous Medal is our mission of inspiring devotion to Mary and giving true meaning to spreading her message of love. Read her full story here.