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The Spiritual Benefits of the Rosary

The Spiritual Benefits of the Rosary

From Our Archives - 1967

by Fr. George Frey, CM

The Rosary is the practice which Mary began in the Church as her way of continuing to make her Son known to us. When she gave this method of praying to St. Dominic, it was to be a simple way of bringing her children to pray to their Father in Heaven, adoring Him and loving Him, confident in His care and relying on His bounty and protection—it is this we do in saying the “Our Father.”

It is her way, too, of bringing her divine Son frequently before us, to see Him and to think of Him and to study Him in the great events of His life—at His birth, and in His sorrows and triumphs. It makes us know Our Blessed Lord more closely and reminds us of our redemption and its effects for us, and it stirs us to good resolutions and to call upon the aid of our Mother.

Whether we have deep learning or not, we should consider the models of virtue—patience, love, hope, sacrifice, humility, meekness, poverty, purity, and the rest.

This is why Catholic people recite the Rosary every day. It raises our minds and souls to the fundamental truths of our religion; it restores our life to its proper direction, to the things that are above, and it pays loving respect and veneration to our Blessed Mother.

Many times when she has appeared on earth—Lourdes and Fatima—she has asked for us to pray the Rosary. Will you not join your voice to the great multitude, of every age, race, and degree, in every country under the sun, sending up its waves of praise and petition to the Mother of Christ?

Recite five decades of the Rosary every day of your life, begin today. Take it up in your home tonight, then you will be sure to be found among those in Heaven, who will have reason to revere Mary especially as the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.

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