Become a Member The Miraculous Medal Shrine is supported solely by the generosity of our benefactors. When you give to the Shrine, you help us continue to bring Mary’s message of love, solace, and comfort to thousands seeking her intercession through the Miraculous Medal.


As a member of our monthly giving supporters, Rays of Hope, you are helping us fulfill our mission to spread the devotion and love of Our Blessed Mother. Help us reach out to the hungry and heartbroken souls, who come to us for comfort, support, and solace. 

As a member, you will:

  • be remembered in our prayers throughout the year
  • have your intentions placed on the Altar of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
  • have your intentions included in our 2,500 Masses each year
  • be entitled to a 10% discount on all purchases of religious items
  • receive our Miraculous Medal Message Magazine twice a year.

If you would like additional information concerning the Personal Monthly Pledge, call our toll-free number: 800.523.3674 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. EST.


Spreading devotion to Mary and her Miraculous Medal—and helping the Vincentians assist the poorest of the poor—are the very heart of our organization. But we need your support.

Become a Member of Mary’s Miraculous Medal Family today, or renew your annual Membership, to share in the spiritual benefits of honoring Mary and supporting Vincentian ministries.

$35 Membership donation benefits:

  • 2,500 Masses offered annually for you and your intentions
  • Eight Novenas offered for you every Monday
  • Our Miraculous Medal Message magazine
  • A 10% discount on gift shop merchandise

Thank you for your devotion. May Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal shower you with tremendous graces.

(Membership runs from August 15, 2020, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, through August 14, 2021)


What graces do you want most from our Blessed Mother right now? Are they spiritual? Physical? Emotional? There’s nothing too big for Mary and her Divine Son to handle.

If there is someone or something you’re praying especially for, give us your intentions, and we’ll bring them to Mary’s altar during our May Procession on May 17. There, at her feet, they will be joined with the prayers of the Vincentians and our Miraculous Medal Family around the world – so you and your loved ones may receive all the graces you need from our Blessed Mother’s hands.

There’s nothing better we can do to show our devotion to Mary than by honoring her in May. Let’s trust her tender assistance in all our needs.



“Go to St. Joseph.” Although this phrase originally referred to Joseph in the Old Testament (Gen. 41:55), it pertains even more to St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary, foster-father of Jesus, and patron of the Universal Church.

Now you can “go to St. Joseph” literally, by going to The Miraculous Medal Shrine. Throughout this year dedicated to him, we’ve given St. Joseph – Mary’s beloved spouse – a special place of honor in her Shrine. Come to his sanctuary to pray to him and light a candle. And be sure to come to our Summer Novena of Hope, which will be dedicated to him.

Send us your intentions for our Novena of Hope by May 29, and they will be placed at the foot of Mary’s Altar in her Shrine and prayed for throughout these nine weeks of heartfelt prayer.

If you are unable to attend, join us virtually through our website’s livestream or our Facebook livestream.