The Miraculous Medal is unique among all medals. It is the only medal designed by Our Lady herself, and it bestows extraordinary graces on those who wear it and pray for Mary’s intercession and help.

The Blessed Mother promised special graces by bringing your prayers to her son, Our Lord Jesus. We invite you to come to the foot of the altar. Mary never said “no” to God, and God never says “no” to her.

We welcome you to share your stories of hope with our spiritual community.

Favors Received

I don’t know why I, a Protestant, am so blessed by the Catholic faith and my Catholic friends. I am very grateful for my Miraculous Medal, and I don’t feel so alone because it is with me. You see, I’m 67 years old, I’m an only child, and all my relatives are dead. I only have friends who support and care for me. Because of the Medal, I am reminded of God’s grace that He’s bestowed on me in each difficult situation where I’ve needed help.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for hearing and answering our prayers. After praying the Novenas and putting my petition on the prayer line, our son has been granted sole physical custody of our grandson who was being abused by his stepfather. Our heavenly Mother answered my fervent prayers and I am just so exceedingly grateful. Thank you also, Mother Mary, for the continued remission of my husband’s cancer.

I was 39 and very active. I could not get over a cough, and my health deteriorated each day. I was getting weaker and weaker and felt short of breath often. I had to sleep on my knees with my head on the side of my bed. The doctors gave me several prescriptions and asthma meds, but nothing helped. I woke up one morning and my thin legs were so swollen that I couldn’t put on pants. I went to the hospital and they did tests. My heart was so weak they couldn’t understand how I was walking around. I was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy. Yes, a virus traveled to my heart and was damaging it. I wore my Miraculous Medal every day of my seven months in the hospital. Lots of people were praying for my healing. My heart was so weak the doctors gave me less than a week to live. I was put on an artificial heart machine called the cardio west. They took out my heart, which the hospital staff said tore apart in the surgeon’s hands, and was put on this machine until they could perform a heart transplant. On December 8, 1998, God blessed me with a healthy 16 year-old heart through Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception’s intercession. Yes, on December 8th our Lady’s day. I am very blessed! I got to be there for my son’s high school graduation, his college graduation, and this past weekend his marriage. Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, Mother Mary! I love you very much!

Four weeks ago, I came to the Shrine to pray for assistance with finances for my husband and myself. Shortly after praying, a director position opened at my husband’s company. Despite his young age, we found out this week that he was offered this position and a significant raise that will allow us to pay for medication and house maintenance. Our Lady has guided us through so much in the last two years since I’ve visited here: cancer treatments, medical issues, and now finances. I’m so very blessed and thankful for her continued guidance, support, love, and light. Many prayers of thanks to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal!

My husband was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma in May and he immediately began a series of aggressive chemotherapy treatments to combat the disease. Several of our friends and relatives joined me in offering our prayers to Mary at the Novena in Germantown (including the Special Novena in June) that the treatments would be successful, and Our Lord, through Our Lady’s intercession, answered our prayers. My husband’s latest tests showed no signs of the disease. Thank you to Our Lord and his Blessed Mother for giving my husband a second chance.

My grandson, who is autistic, needs special help with reading and will be going into 6th grade. It was recommended that he attended a special school. The cost was $40,000 a year. We applied for a scholarship that I prayed we would receive during the Novena of Mercy. We received a call during the Novena that we received the scholarship. Thank you, my Blessed Mother, for once again hearing our prayers.