Youth Opportunities at The Miraculous Medal Shrine

  • Schools retreats: elementary, middle school, 8th grade, high school, senior year of high school, graduation
  • PREP program retreats
  • Marian retreats
  • Advent/Lenten programs
  • Faith/personal relationship with God retreats
  • Tailored retreats and pilgrimages: uniquely designed to cater to the needs of your particular youth group or class

Why come to The Miraculous Medal Shrine for a retreat, pilgrimage or program?

We invite and welcome all youth groups, large or small, to The Miraculous Medal Shrine for instructional, fun, interactive and tailored programs, retreats and pilgrimages, which engage youth in their formative years and deepen their relationship with Christ and teachings of the Catholic Church.

Why come to The Miraculous Medal Shrine for a retreat, pilgrimage or program?

Tour the Shrine with St. Catherine Labouré: This engaging tour will provide students with the history and mission of the Miraculous Medal as told by St. Catherine performer.

Participate in Mass with the Vincentians: Unite in prayers and intentions while receiving our Lord through the liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist.

Become officially invested with the Miraculous Medal: Youth will receive medals to be blessed by the priest or deacon. This investiture will perpetually enroll students in the Miraculous Medal Family.

Take a Museum Tour: Enjoy a tour of our Art Museum featuring more than 400 magnificent works of Marian and religious art. Scavenger hunts are available for those who are interested.

Continue formation after your Shrine visit: In addition to a rich and engaging retreat or pilgrimage experience, we provide teachers and students with resources for them to take home after their visit. These materials will help deepen their knowledge about the Miraculous Medal, St. Catherine Labouré, and our Blessed Mother.