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Prayer Toolkit: Rosary, Medal

Veronica’s “Miracle of Lazarus”

My name is Mary, and I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. My family was very active at St. Francis Cathedral in Cape Coast. As a child, my grandmother always had a rosary in her hands. At one point, I don’t remember why, but I stopped going to church. Later, I heard a woman’s voice speaking to me. I looked around, but there was no one near me. The woman asked me, “Why don’t you come to Mass?” Let me tell you, I did!

Many years afterwards, I came to the United States, and in 1982, my husband died. My mother was still in Ghana, so I was alone with my four children, who were 5, 6, 11, and 17 years old. Who was going to be there for us? I became so depressed, I didn’t eat. All I did was cry. My children said, “Mom, if you die, who’s going to take care of us?” At once the Spirit came to me, and I remember thinking, “I have my rosary. Mary will answer my prayers.” And she did. I haven’t put the rosary down since. I pray a rosary for each one of my children every day. If I don’t have the rosary with me, I’m lost. I even sleep with it beside me.

And I don’t go anywhere without wearing my Miraculous Medal, either. I didn’t know about the Medal when I was growing up. But when I was at another shrine in Philadelphia, I heard about The Miraculous Medal Shrine, so I came here. That was 40 years ago. I’ve been coming to the Shrine ever since. Our Blessed Mother has been so good to me. She has truly made miracles happen in my life. Let me tell you a few of them.


One of my daughters had problems with her arms after an intense workout. The muscles in her arms were damaged and restricting the blood flow. We rushed her to the hospital, and I started praying the rosary. I even rubbed holy water and the Miraculous Medal on her arms. She had emergency surgery. The doctor said, “If no blood begins flowing, we’ll have to amputate her arms.” I prayed my rosary for her and begged Mary to help her: “Please, Blessed Virgin Mary, do your miracle.” After the surgery, the doctor came out said, “It’s a miracle. Your daughter’s arms have been saved.” The Blessed Mother performed a miracle; the blood finally started flowing through her arms.

Another one of my daughters was pregnant. She lived in Voorhees, New Jersey (I live in Philadelphia). I visited my daughter one morning, and after arriving back home, I called her, but I could tell that something was wrong.

She told me that she was vomiting, and nobody else was home with her.

I drove my car back to New Jersey, praying my rosary and telling Mary, “Please, help me. Help me to get to my daughter.” I got there and rushed her to the hospital. Her blood pressure was 200 over 110. The doctor said, “We have to take the baby.” I took the rosary again, and my daughter said, “Wait. Don’t take the baby.” The doctor rushed her to the delivery room. I’m telling you all, they delivered the baby, and he weighed one pound and nine ounces. My grandson is three years old now; he’s perfectly fine, and so is my daughter.

All these miracles! So I come to the Shrine every week, and I tell Mary, “I’m here, Mother. I’m coming to keep you company.”

Come to Mary. And make sure you wear your Miraculous Medal! Our Blessed Mother is always here for us, every minute, every second. When I feel sad, I come to her. She’s always here.

Mary has made miracles happen in my life—real miracles!