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Year of Saint Joseph

The Year of Saint Joseph

On this 150th anniversary of St. Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has dedicated 2021 to St. Joseph.

Not much is known about this saint, but his virtuous actions continue to speak volumes as the ideal “provider and protector.”

We hope you will spend this year deepening your relationship with St. Joseph by honoring our spiritual father.

Vincentian Approach to St. Joseph

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph, Vincentian priests of the Eastern Province presented a series of videos focused on the life and personhood of this saint.

MARCH 5, 2021
Saint Joseph, the Just Man: A Faith-filled Path of Compassionate Courage

Fr. Joseph Fitzgerald, CM

St. Joseph’s life and actions are filled with the will of God and a willingness to place the good of others foremost.

MARCH 12, 2021
Saint Joseph, The Faithful Man: Husband, Father, Creature of God

Fr. Michael J. Shea, CM

St. Joseph faithfully fulfilled his role as a “creature” before God, spouse to Mary, and father to Jesus.

MARCH 19, 2021
St. Joseph, the Worker: Serving with Hands and Heart

Fr. Patrick J. Griffin, CM

The dignity of Joseph’s work and how he exemplified this gift to Jesus in both word and example are examined.

MARCH 26, 2021
St. Joseph, the Dreamer

Fr. Patrick Flanagan, CM

God revealed Himself to Joseph through a number of dreams. Understand these specific passages, and how Joseph responded.

Joseph and Mary’s Wedding
Have you ever thought about the wedding of St. Joseph and our Blessed Mother?

The Annunication
An article written by Fr. Skelly in the March 1953 Miraculous Medal magazine links the two Annunciations–Blessed Mother’s and St. Joseph’s

St. Joseph Inspirational Products

We have a selection of products inspired or depicting St. Joseph, our spiritual father.