Retreats and Programs for Children Receiving Sacraments

Engage and prepare youth for their sacramental journey.

Want to supplement your students’ spiritual learning experience in a format they will remember and enjoy? At The Miraculous Medal Shrine, we offer unique, online sacramental retreats, which assist spiritual formation instruction. It’s easy and affordable, and best of all—we do all the work.

Tailored retreats to complement your sacramental instruction and requests include:

  • Interactive presentations
  • Personal messages and prayers from St. Catherine
  • Virtual tour
  • Chat rooms


Receiving First Holy Communion is a very special moment for children who are preparing to receive Christ in the form of the Eucharist. At The Miraculous Medal Shrine, our communion retreat program is in accordance with the ongoing parish and school programs by providing retreats catered to the needs of each particular group. The programs are specially designed to better equip communicants as they make their First Holy Communion.


Reconciliation Retreats at the Shrine provide youth with a deeper understanding of what actually occurs during Confession. Through engaging presentations and activities, the youth understand the richness of the Sacrament and are then given the opportunity to receive it at the Shrine.


Our Confirmation Retreats provide ample opportunities for the youth to enjoy the beauty and richness of the Shrine, while engaging in various activities that help stimulate their minds and hearts as they prepare to receive the final Sacrament of Initiation.

Community Service Component: The Miraculous Medal Shrine sacramental program provides several opportunities for the youth to serve their neighbors while following CDC guidelines. The youth will have an opportunity to work with their families in serving our community, while interacting with those they are serving. Personal testimonies, guided meditations, reflections, and a family component is incorporated in this unique retreat experience.