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Our Domestic Church (video)

Our Domestic Church

Devotion to the Blessed Mother has been in my family for generations. When Mary is a part of our lives, we begin seeing “God moments” in everything around us. And she helps us become joy-filled and open. Mary’s “Fiat,” her “Yes,” was one of openness. It didn’t mean she wasn’t scared. It didn’t mean she wasn’t sure, because there wasn’t surety. But she was open. “Okay, Lord, I’ll be the bearer of Your Son.” “Okay Lord, I’ll go to Egypt.” “Okay, Lord, where is Your Son now? Oh, He’s in the temple preaching.”

When we pray these Gospel moments in the Hail Mary and Rosary, our Blessed Mother helps us become receptive to God leading us, filling us, and asking us to do great things in joyful openness.

Greg Coogan is the Secretary for Catechetical Formation in the Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio. When not helping the diocesan community cultivate their God-given strengths, he enjoys taking nature walks with his family and spending time with extended family and friends. You may catch him at his daughters’ softball games or an occasional Euchre match.


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