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On Sunday, May 3, Frs. Timothy Lyons and Michael Shea, CM, conducted a small ceremony to bless the commemorative Marian shrine, reading from the Catholic Book of Blessings, and wearing the vestments from St. Catherine’s canonization.


Stuck in lockdown due to the coronavirus, the Vincentians of the Eastern Province had to use their creativity and on-hand resources to honor Mary during May. Honoring Mary is a pillar of the Vincentian life. St. Vincent de Paul told his followers to “honor the Mother of God with daily devotion.”

Following the guidance of their founder, the Vincentians donned their thinking caps and came up with some innovative ideas to honor Mary during the month of May. Wanting something different, they placed a statue of Mary in the seminary courtyard below a Japanese Maple, and then adorned the area with lights and added cut flowers from their garden.


Frs. Michael Shea, and Timothy Lyons, CM, (left-right) with Fr. Mark Pranaitis, CM (Western Province), conducted a small ceremony to bless a commemorative Marian shrine in the Eastern Province Seminary courtyard and prayed the rosary for a confrere, who recently passed away.