Faces of devotion: Tammy Sherrill
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Faces: Tammy Sherrill

Tammy Sherrill

“Faces” highlights individuals whose devotion to Mary is truly inspiring.


Within 24 hours, Tammy Sherrill’s life imploded. Totally unprepared for what happened, she needed a miracle.


Tammy’s story began like any other day. She got up, readied her children for school, and then proceeded to work as a security guard at The Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. On this particular day, the Shrine was busy, so when her personal cell phone rang, she immediately sent it to voice mail. Not expecting anything urgent, she waited for a break to listen to the message. What happened next took her totally off guard.

“[My son] was upset because he came home to find our house door locked,” recalls Tammy. Her landlord had abruptly and dishonestly changed the house door’s lock over a rental dispute. Tammy had been making efforts to avoid conflict and resolve the situation, but unfortunately, the landlord took matters into his own hands.

Everything they owned, except the clothes on their backs, was in the house. With neither possessions nor a place to go, Tammy and her family were desperate. Fortunately, family members gave them temporary accommodations, but she knew she needed a more permanent solution—and fast.

“Finding a place to rent is not something that happens quickly,” attests Tammy. Background checks, availability, and cost all factor into the time-consuming process.


Tammy is a spunky, intelligent, and friendly woman, who faces challenges head on. But the combination of uncertainty and anxiety started to weigh heavily upon her. Her family depended on her, and she could not disappoint them.

Looking back, Tammy realizes working at the Shrine was the answer to her prayers. A colleague, whose devotion to Mary’s intercession through the Miraculous Medal helped her through difficult situations, told her about the wonders of prayer and the power of the Medal. Hearing her friend’s testament of hope, Tammy developed a profound connection with the Miraculous Medal and remembers thinking, “Oh wow, that sounds like the answer to my problems.” She began praying at the Shrine and twenty days after the incident, Tammy and her family found a home and security.


“The Miraculous Medal, the Blessed Mother, St. Catherine, and Jesus were there for us,” Tammy professes, “…it was really miraculous.”

Tammy shares her story with Shrine visitors, who may need encouragement and comfort to help them through their difficulties.

“I tell my story when I see someone struggling, needing encouragement dealing with their own troubles,” explains Tammy. “I think about when I experienced a hard time, and how quickly my life turned around for the better through prayer and the power of the Miraculous Medal.”

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